Friday, March 13, 2009

The biggest legume ran to the bony tummy, or Exquisite corpses with kids.

I needed some help with my titles, so I asked the boys to make some exquisite corpses with me. To make it easier and more fun for them, I had them think of as many words as they could and separated them into three categories: adjectives, nouns and verbs. They came up with mostly nouns, so I had them finish some sentences for me, for example, "I am __," "The snake is __," "On the playground I __." Here's what we started with:

Then Zachary thought of more words, and we found some in newspapers and magazines:

We glued our found words onto three containers--adjectives on one, nouns on another, and verbs on the third, and added all of our cut-up words to the correct containers:

Our finished containers:

The rules of the game: Take turns choosing an adjective, noun, verb, adjective and noun. Write your words down, adding definite articles and prepositions when necessary.

Our exquisite corpses:
  • The yellow poop danced with the furry celery.
  • The nice window ran to the hungry door.
  • The good newspaper shoved the bloody drawer.
  • The content gelato tagged the bloody Russian masters.
  • The crazy goldfish feasted on the loud butterfly.
  • The strong underwear did a somersault over the special friend.
  • The big celery fed the clean lunchbox.
  • The excited crayon jumped on the scary tiger.
  • The hungry diaper whined at the green bell.
  • The soggy elephant danced with the harmful pea.
  • The excited trumpet ate the wet door.
  • The squishy monster farted on the bloody banana.
  • The hungry baby did a somersault over the excited elephant.
At bedtime we read The Boy Who Loved Words, a book about a boy who collects words and records them on paper scraps.


ScottChrisCoriCassiCali said...

I've never heard of this but I LOVE IT. I am going to ask my friend Jana about it who is all things Language to me. I am sure we will have fun with it together. I just started the word of the week on my blog for her, in hopes we can all laugh and learn some fun new words. This was great, Thanks.

ScottChrisCoriCassiCali said...

I am off to tell her now. I was thinking we should have everyone do their own. Some sort of contribution type thing. I am not sure if there could be a way to use a theme. Are there enough words that mean individual things? Hmmm. Thanks for the great word!

So Smrt said...

Ohhhhhh. Super cool. Thanks for pointing me here.