Monday, March 30, 2009

The ungainly movie star imposed upon the forlorn squid, or Muffin Tin Monday.

Here is our snack for Muffin Tin Monday:

(spinach-carrot-banana-strawberry-yogurt-orange juice smoothie, cottage cheese, baby carrots, graham crackers, banana/pretzel, prunes)

And the boys enjoying it:

For more Muffin Tin Monday ideas, check out Her Cup Overfloweth.


Michelle Sybert said...

banana on a pretzel! Genious!

sarah in the woods said...

Wow! What a smoothie!

Mom or Dad said...

The boys looked like they were enjoying
their yummy treats...Seems like you know
how to regulate them:)

Joanna said...

I am very impressed with all of these activities! They have done more cooking in one week than I have done in a year.

Additionally, this is brilliant:

“She would like presents,”
Desi Arnaz hints.

jewelrylady said...

I love the banana on a pretzel! This may solve our smashed banana problem. :o)