Thursday, April 23, 2009

The gallinaceous crutches fawned over the unsightly burgoo, or Art lessons.

Lately Zachary has taken an interest in learning how to draw, and Corey has taken an interest in drawing something other than letters.

Their houses (Corey's is the last one), with a little help from Art Projects for Kids:

Zachary's flowers, copied from Art Projects for Kids:

Corey wasn't in the mood to make flowers, so he made this instead:

From Zachary's I Can Draw People and I Can Draw Animals books:

I drew the square for this one, and Corey added the rest:

We took the easel outside, and Corey painted what he saw:

And then we read Bear's Picture (go see the NPR slideshow about it):

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Mom or Dad said...

Please tell the boys that we love their art work!

jennwa said...

Those are all great. I just love kids art work.

Valerie said...

Great artwork, and I bet the kids had lots of fun doing it too! :-)


Anonymous said...

Wow, they are real little artists! Great work!