Thursday, May 14, 2009

The brachiating chest hair tickled the pained rosebush, or Another sun.

We started off wanting to make something like this (from Play-Doh Art Projects):

But then we found out that some of us don't have enough patience for that project, so we modified it a bit. Instead of using a hole punch, as the book suggested, we used a straw to poke holes in the play-doh:

Then we found out it would be fun to blow the play-doh out of the straw and aim it at a plate:

We ended up with a moon:

And a sun:

Here is the first sun we made.

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Melissa @ A Child at Play said...

I like the straw idea - seems much easier. Thanks for the idea!

jennwa said...

My kids would love blowing the playdough out of the straw. It looks like a fun project all around.

Thanks for sharing with Friday Showcase!!!

Jaks said...

good one! at first I thought it was made from cheese and carrots!! LOL