Monday, June 1, 2009

The corpulent delicatessen conned the studious virago, or Muffin Tin Monday.

Today's Muffin Tin Monday theme is "letters of the alphabet," so we had an alphabetical cheese course:

Corey's in a bit of a bad mood today. He smelled the asiago and decided he'd rather have a banana:

But he came around after a little while:

Zachary ranked the cheeses as follows (best to worst): asiago, brick, double glouster, feta, emmentaler, caciotta.

For more alphabet-themed muffin tins, go to Her Cup Overfloweth.


Jen said...

wow! you have that many different cheese(s) in your fridge?! I don't! I have the basic. LOL.
Great thinking!

Michelle said...

alphabet Cheese tasting!!! oh how yum! I wish I had had lunch at your place today!

Mom's Marbles said...

Looks yummy!
Congrats! You won our Show&Tell contest! Please email me your address (momsmarbles{at}hotmail{dot}com) so we can get you Haagen Dazs coupon in the mail. :)

BranFlakes said...

That makes me hungry!

Miller Moments said...

Love the little signs for each cheese-just adds to the fun!