Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The gloomy egg roll fustigated the problematic zebra, or Crock-Pot crayons.

Tonight we made crayons in the slow cooker (directions can be found at A Year of CrockPotting).

We peeled and broke our crayons (this is Corey trying to look strong):

Zachary was concentrating so much, he forgot to pay attention to Corey:

We put our muffin tin full of crayon pieces in the Crock-Pot:

We covered it and set it on high just as the tornado siren went off. Here's our neighbor's tree, which is now blocking the alleyway:

1.5 hours later and waiting for the wax to harden a bit:

And after refrigerating for a half hour:

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Pam said...

Visiting from SITS. You are a better than Mom than I am. That is something I have never done with kids.

Z-Kids said...

Way fun!

jennwa said...

I love the crockpot. Who knew the crockpot could be so crafty?

I love that idea, thanks for sharing it with Friday Showcase!!!!

Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

I made crayons with heart molds for Valentines Day back in Feb but my mold are stained I should have used TinFoil like you, great tip.

~Samantha at TwoHeartsTogether

Orange Juice said...

I love your titles so funny! We've made crayons but never EVER thought to use a crock pot! What a great idea!

Orange Juice said...

following now love your stuff

pucktricks said...

I love that idea. You know I just realized that I'm not following you yet, I should change that.