Thursday, June 11, 2009

The malodorous peacoat slowly backed away from the deceased cheesecake, or What the boys are reading.

The Adventures of Polo, by Regis Faller and reviewed by Zachary, age 6

The book is about a dog named Polo, and he meets a polar bear, but then the polar bear slips. Then he finds a hole. Then they go through it. Then they find a snowman. They climb up a ladder and then they find a house on the moon. And then there's a hole in the moon, and they go through it. And they find peas and big mushrooms. All the friends come together.

My favorite part is when the fly snips the balloon. I liked this book because it's pretty, it's nice, it's the best.

Polo: The Runaway Book, by Regis Faller and reviewed by Corey, age 3

Polo gives a piggy a question. He climbs up the ladder and falls on the statue. He goes to the genie. He stops the cloudmen from fighting.

My favorite part was when the bunny picks out the book. I liked it because it's funny. The pictures were scabbering.

Definition of scabbering, according to Corey:

Zachary's first attempt at a graphic novel, titled Cowboy Deluxe:

Zachary's interpretation

Panel 1: Floating dragon
Panel 2: Dragon in spaceship touching Uranus
Panel 3: Mourning dove saying, "Coo, coo..."
Panel 4: Frog sock for the mourning dove
Panel 5: Robot trying to turn cheese into people
Panel 6: Weird frog guy that wants to get out of the wall, but he's stuck there, and the bad guy did it
Panel 7: Frog guy eats cheese and turns into a Texas cowboy

Corey's graphic novel, titled By Lois Ehlert

Corey's interpretation

Panel 1: Polo falls on the piggy's head
Panel 2: Polo falls on the genie's head
Panel 3: He falls on the pea guy's head
Panel 4: He falls on the scribble
Panel 5: He goes to his mommy and then cries to his brother


Shannon said...

Those look cute! I'll have to look for them for Ben too.

Lowes is this weekend. Apparently, you can still sign up online for all of the local locations, *except* for the one by my house which is full, meaning we have to drive to the other side of Frisco this week.

CatWay said...

Great to hear your children's reviews, I should ask my son what he thinks about books more often.

Anonymous said...

This is great. I loved your kids' "graphic novels" - Corey's is particularly impressive. I liked how he described what he drew. I'll have to look up Polo books in the library.


Holy polo! Hahaha Super cute!! Leaving some SITS Friday bloggy love!

Anonymous said...

How cute! When my daughter was little, she loved the "Monster at the end of this book" book featuring Grover. And if you get a chance, please stop by my blog and enter my one year anniversary contest.

Margaret said...

So cute. Thanks for the heads up on great books.

Dorkys Ramos said...

I absolutely loved their reviews! What a cute idea. And they're quite talented, too! Visiting from SITS!

Diana (Ladybug Limited) said...

We adore those 2 Polo books-- and just found out that there are more as of this spring. Gotta get that purchase request into the library...