Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The unpredictable thorax triumphed over the entertaining dinner, or What the boys are reading.

This Is New York, by Miroslav Sasek and reviewed by Zachary, age 6

This is about New York. There's skyscrapers and the Statue of Liberty. There's so many things to do there. There's water things at the tops of the buildings.

My favorite part is when they speak different languages. I liked this book because it's funny, it's good, it's nice.

Seen Art?, by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith and reviewed by Corey, age 3

Me: What is this book about?
C: He finds art and he didn't.
Me: Anything else?
C: In this book is pictures--special art.
Me: What was your favorite part?
C: My favorite part was OOF.
Me: Why did you like this book?
C: I liked this book because it's like Dinner at Magritte's.

New York City at Night, by Zachary (instructions):

New York City at Night, by Corey:

OOF, by Corey:

OOF, by Edward Ruscha:

Other books we're reading about New York:

To see what other kids are reading this week, check out The Well-Read Child.


Anonymous said...

We are going to NJ in August to visit my parents. I think a day trip to NY is a must (it's just 30 min away with no traffic). I'd better bookmark your book selection and look them up in the library shortly before the trip.

Claudia said...

You are doing a great job preparing your kids to have an awesome trip! I am sure they will have the time of their life!

pussreboots said...

Nice post. I want to get my son reviewing the books he's reading on my blog. I love their illustrations.

We have Alphabet City but not City by Numbers.

My post is here.

Mom or Dad said...

They also need to know about Connecticut!

Anonymous said...

I like "the OOF," too. :)