Thursday, August 20, 2009

The repulsive scalp corresponded with the unruly flu shot, or Sandwich-on-a-stick.

It's Kids in the Kitchen day, and today we adapted a recipe we found at Panini Happy.

First we toasted our bread and cheese:

And then we cut out our shapes:

Inserted our lollipop sticks, and enjoyed:

For more Kids in the Kitchen recipes, go to A Little Fun With Me and Lu.


Sherry said...

what a great way to eat a sandwhich! :)

Sarah said...

Sandwich on a stick - brilliant! They make everything else on a stick....

BranFlakes said...

that would be a great lunch box treat!

Jacki said...

What a fun and inventive way for Aldous to lose an eye!!! :giggle

I love your blog!!

Ashley said...

Cute idea!

Happy SITS ShareSaturday!