Thursday, September 17, 2009

The flatulent replica jeered at the ostrobogulous mortician, or Cantaloupe and orange lassi.

Today we made cantaloupe and orange lassis, based on a recipe at Sippity Sup.

First we added the cantaloupe:

Next we added the ice:

And the orange:

And the yogurt and honey:

We added a pinch of salt and blended.

And then we drank:

For more kid-friendly recipes, check out A Little Fun With Me and Lu.


Sherry said...

What a sweet picture of the little one!

Claudia said...

You guys have so much fun!

Reviewer11 said...

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest :D Have a wonderful weekend. :D

Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

MMMMM sounds yum! Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

Michelle said...

Looks like they enjoyed these!