Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The rubious daydreamer awakened the mumpish cactus, or Zoo bento.

This week we're participating in What's for Lunch Wednesday over at What's for Lunch at Our House. Corey and I went to the Dallas Zoo today with some friends and brought along this zoo bento:

(grapes & sunflower seeds; honey-roasted sesame sticks, cheese, raisins & pita)

And a couple pictures of Corey, of course:


Shannon said...

Love it!!! Did you get the monkey box locally? We don't have a monkey one.

Thanks so much for linking up!

Holly said...

Shannon, I'm pretty sure I got that one, and a blue one with a bear, at Shop Minoya, I think last year.

The Princess said...

OOOO, we have the monkey bento too! I bought mine from IchibanKan USA - when they still had their internet store. That's what Buddha Bear takes to our homeschool co-op's for his lunch.

Claudia said...

Wow! That's zoo-per!