Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The crippled stilts impressed the paranoid pelican, or What's for Lunch Wednesday.

Last Thursday we flew to Rochester, NY. I packed bentos for the boys to eat on the plane, but they ended up eating most of their food in the airport during our 5-hour wait.

(fruit strip; spinach, basil and red pepper wrap; maple bacon lollipop; gum; pretzel; dried mixed berries; goldfish; almonds; cantaloupe and dried mixed berries)

Here are the boys:

Check out more bentos at What's for Lunch at Our House.


Sonoma Bento said...

Whaaaa...? Did you say maple bacon lollipop?! Where oh where did you find such a glorious treat?? Looks deelish, sorry you guys got stuck waiting for so long at the airport. Safe travels!

Claudia said...

Hope you had (are having?) a great trip - especially after 5 hours in the airport! Yikes!

Shannon said...

Hope you finally made it safely!

We got stuck like that in O'Hare on our way home from Chicago. We didn't get into the house till nearly 3am. Not fun with the kids. :o(

Cute bentos though! Thanks for linking up this week. :o)