Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The chuffy bouffage cowsed with the bosky cadger, or What's for Lunch Wednesday.

Here are some recent Zachary bentos. Let's see...something with quinoa, carrots (with a hard candy hidden underneath for April Fool's Day), pita and hummus:

 Strawberries, cheese, ants on a log with figs, pretzel, sunburst tomatoes, and mixed nuts:

Carrots for dad & sunburst tomatoes for Z, trail mix, sardine and avocado sandwich (covered for Z so his friend who told him his figs looked like poop wouldn't make fun of him):

Quinoa meatloaf muffins, chocolate chip bunny cookies, clementines, sunburst tomatoes:

For more bentos, check out What's for Lunch Wednesday.

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Corey~living and loving said...

HI! I'm a mom just going into my first experience of sending a lunch to school. tell they eat the meat loaf muffin's cold? and do you have a recipe. :) great blog you have here.