Thursday, April 9, 2009

The pugnacious slugabed fought the cranky pedestrian, or Macaroons.

The boys and I made coconut macaroons for Passover using this recipe (shh, don't tell my rabbi about the flour--I'll repent next Yom Kippur).

First we combined the coconut, flour and salt:

Then we added the vanilla and milk:

And stirred:

And made these with our cookie scoop:

After we took the macaroons out of the oven and let cool, we dipped them in chocolate (6 ounces of chocolate chips, melted in the microwave):

And drizzled some chocolate on top:

And now I'm the only non-sleeping person in a house full of macaroons...


Mom or Dad said...

Very yummy looking and we are sure very

Amanda said...

ohh they look so yummy! Unfortunately the bag of coconut I have in the house is reserved for a bunny cake!