Sunday, May 17, 2009

The charismatic pinky toe guffawed at the decrepit sausage, or Cake balls.

Yesterday we made cake balls for our end-of-the-year religious school picnic. We found our recipe at one of my favorite blogs, Bakerella.

First we made red velvet cake:

We waited for the cake to bake, although one of us waited a little longer than he wanted to:

When the cake was done we crumbled it:

And mixed in the cream cheese frosting:

Zachary cleaned up:

While I made these:

We had to wait a really long time for the cake balls to chill, so we went to the Etsy Dallas Spring Bash and stopped at a nearby coffee shop, where the boys neglected to remind their dad that we were in the middle of making cake balls:

When we got back home, Corey helped dip the cake balls in the candy melts:

And we eventually ended up with this, our attempt at the Israeli flag:


Claudia said...

Oh! I LOVE those cake balls of yours. I hope the people at school were appropriately appreciative!

Miller Moments said...

I've never heard of cake balls! How fun!!!