Monday, May 18, 2009

The crunchy muscle threatened the tormented bride, or Muffin Tin Monday.

Today was choose your own theme for Muffin Tin Monday, so we chose foods to represent the states in which we've lived and in which we have family. We referred to our tin today as our Muffin Tin Buffet, to honor Nevada.

(from west to east: avocado/pretzel palm tree for California; three cherries over cheese coins for Nevada; tortilla star for Texas; applesauce and nutmeg for New York and Connecticut; and a not-quite-dark-enough Duke blue deviled egg, filled with crab for Maryland, and Carolina blue cake ball for North Carolina)

Here are the boys:

To go along with our theme, we read these:

And if you haven't seen my cake ball post, go check it out.


Miller Moments said...

What a great theme!

Michelle Sybert said...

great job! I love the avocado and pretzel tree (and not just b/c I live in So Cal!)

BranFlakes said...

I LOVE all your states! Very good idea.