Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The serious doppelganger bowed down to the rambling hippie, or Rock painting.

Today we're participating in a new blog carnival over at Mom's Marbles called Show & Tell Tuesdays, where the theme is "messy." We're doing cave drawing under the bed (without the mud) with the bigger kid later today, but I thought rock painting would be more fun for Corey. Here he is collecting dirt:

And mixing the dirt with a spoonful of shortening to make his prehistoric paint:

Complaining about the mess:

And painting:


Mom's Marbles said...

Too cute! Thanks for participating in our very first Show&Tell. Hopefully Mr Linky will be cooperating next week. We hope to see you back next week and see what you guys came up with for "explore"!

Jolene said...

HI! I gave u a blog award! Collect it on my blog!