Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The tardy ragpicker usurped the slippery troglodyte, or Unplugged: Dark.

For this week's Unplugged project, the boys made cave art in the dark. I cut up paper bags, crumpled them up to look like cave walls, and taped them to Zachary's under-bed storage area. Here's the crayon holder I made with the bottoms of the paper bags:

After looking at some pictures of Lascaux cave paintings, we headed to Zachary's bedroom. Here's Zachary pretending to be a troglodyte:

And signing his drawing with his handprint:

He enjoyed it so much that we're going to crumple up some more paper bags and cover the whole under-bed area with them.


Valerie said...

Great idea! Do you have any local caves you can visit? That would be a great activity to go along with this!

Jaks said...

a trog was here! I love it!

Miller Moments said...

What a fun idea!!! My kiddo would love this.