Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The unfaithful martyr pounced on the serious-minded nightshirt, or 6-year-old essays.

Lately Zachary's been writing (mostly) essays, usually in a notebook he keeps in his room, but I've also found some lying around elsewhere. Here are some of them (uncorrected):

When i was young i was 8 years old. i was at the cleaners when i was 10 years old. When i moved into a new house i was so excited i got to go to the movies. but when i am old i spend most of the time alone. but when i die i will not be happy because i have dieded.

"ms. claire"

My favorite food is potatoes. I like potatoes because their so yummy and sqishy. My grandfather used potatoes in a wedding. How I love potatoes.


Science is a sistom of Director Experience and is made by scientists. the palenetoligists used to dig dinoasaurs bones but now they Died. but there might be some in arizona. your blood contains your lungs and skelton. your musles move sometimes.


a Dictchonary is somthing that you look when you dont what a word means and how to spell the word. you could understand the words by reading it. It is fun to look at my Dictchonary isnt it. people use the Dichonary words for comics. people use the words to no what they mean.

"The Forest"

The Forest can have many places where the Forest is. Asia and Africa and South America. The animals lived in the forest for a 1000s of years. People didn't know how long the forest lived. Maybe--they thought it lived longer than usaul. It lived over 1 million years. The forest produses to the people. Its been nice over 1 zillion years.

"Student Notebook"

When I was little I used to have fun at the mall and Disney land. I loved Christmas eve at my grandmas and grandpas house we got to search for presents. I got many presents from mom & dad. but Santa finally came. I had good presents at hanuckah. I had a happy hanukkah. I loved all the Latkas and the cake to. merry christmass Ho


Cats don't bark that loud they only say meow. Children loves that silly story of bolt and his friends mittens the shinny cat and Rhino the silly hamster. Cats got scary moves. Some cats love farmers. You can use cat food for cats. I have a cat for a pet. Some people don't like cats. Some people are allergict to alot and alots of many dirty cats.


Mom or Dad said...

Please tell Zachary that we really enjoyed his essays.

Tiffany said...

I LOVE your titles. I can't wait to see what you come up with. I just wanted to let you know that there is an award for you over at Mommy-Guru.