Sunday, January 23, 2011

The jumentous solander fankled the foudroyant squintifego, or Ice cream topping muffin tin.

We did our Muffin Tin Monday a day early (some of us here like to call it Suffin Tin Sunday) because today is Zachary's 8th birthday. I made chocolate ice cream and filled the boys' muffin tins with different toppings. I think they liked it. Corey said, "You're the best mom I've ever had!"

The tins:

(blueberries, pecan chips, homemade cinnamon whipped cream, cut-up peaches, mini chocolate chips, sprinkles)

And the boys:

For the cinnamon whipped cream we mixed 1 pint whipping cream, 3 tbsp white sugar, 1 tsp cinnamon, and 1 tsp vanilla extract in our stand mixer until fluffy and peaks formed.

Now go to Muffin Tin Mom to see more muffin tin meals.


Be Brave, Keep Going said...

How fun! That cinnamon whipped cream sounds delish! Happy birthday to Zachary. :)

Ludicrous Mama said...

I love your post titles! I wish I could figure out what they mean! Great tin too! Now I want to try me some cinnamon whipped cream too!

Unknown said...

The homemade whipped cream sounds great to me too.

Sugary Flower said...

Yum yum! Around here, we'd call that an Icecream Smush-In... although we've never done it for Muffin Tin Monday... Happy Birthday Zachary!

Tonya Hache said...

That looks FUN!

We did a birthday tin today too...but for our dog! hehehe!!

~Rockabye Butterfly~

SnoopyGirl said...

Love your tin! Looks Yummy! And Happy Birthday to Zach!

Marla said...

Great tins, great ideas! My daughter would love the one with sprinkles!

Unknown said...

What a great idea! Muffin Tin Monday..that's a new one we're starting next week. Maybe that will get the kids more excited about eating. Thanks for sharing!